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Plymouth Modern Psychology

At Michigan Modern Psychology, they offer a wide range of therapy and evaluations for couples, families, and individuals of all ages in a private and comfortable setting. They also offer alcohol & substance abuse assessments and counseling.

580 Forest Ave. Suite 3B (second floor – enter door near Omelette & Waffle Cafe)


Elissa Fronczak, PHD


550 Forest Ave. Suite 15 (upstairs above Genuine Toy – take stairs in front of 3 Dog off Forest Ave.)


Natalie Perelli, PHD

Natalie Perelli is a psychologist on the 2nd floor of 580 Forest Ave. in the heart of DTP

580 Forest Ave. Suite 5B


Jennifer Kodrik, PsyD

580 Forest Ave. Suite 4B upstairs

Tim Hogan, PSY.D.

Tim Hogan is a Clinical Psychologist on the 2nd floor of 550 Forest Ave. in the heart of DTP
550 Forest Ave. Suite 16-3


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